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The Educational Research Center (ERC) works for a continuously better education in the Arab world. It provides educational services, and produces research-based, field-tested learning materials at all grade levels. Services and products include:

1. Standards definition for individual and integrated disciplines, in line with well-established international standards.

2. Curriculum evaluation and development.

3. Authentic assessment tools that help both teachers and students continuously ascertain and meaningfully regulate their own knowledge and practice.

4. Professional development, especially through regular, local workshops that empower teachers and concerned educators with modern, corroborated pedagogy.

5. Educational resources, including textbooks and e-learning materials, especially for K-12 science, mathematics, social sciences, Arabic, English and French languages.

To these ends, ERC’s team works closely with various stakeholders, and collaborates with many local and international partners. ERC’s team consists of over 100 international and arab experts in various academic and technical fields, equipped with the latest, state-of-the-art technology. Concerned stakeholders include students, teachers, parents, authors, policymakers, governmental and non-governmental agencies. Librairie du Liban Publishers and Pearson are major ERC partners.