Educational Research Center

The Educational Research Center (ERC) works for a continuously better education in the Arab world. It provides educational services, and produces research-based, field-tested learning materials at all grade levels. Services and products include:

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ERC TextBooks

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Science (Arabic Edition)
تطرح سلسلة العلوم مواقف حياتي...
Science (English Edition)
The science series ensures students' success by giving ...
Mathematics (English Edition)
The maths series ensures students' success by giving al...
Science Primary
This research-based, field-tested series is aligned wit...
Mathematics Kindergarten
This research-based, field-tested series is aligned wit...


ERC assists many Arab countries in curriculum evaluation and reform. Assistance extends from the development of appropriate curriculum framework and standards to the production of various learning materials and appropriate assessment and evaluation tools.
Recently, numerous countries have been engaged in educational reform, beginning with their curricula and progressing through their educational systems, their teacher training and professional development programmes. Curricula are being reformed in all foundational and practical aspects. The foundations of a curriculum are typically laid down in its framework, and deployed through its practical components which mainly include the respective programme of study and the methods and means of learning, instruction and assessment.

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Authentic assessment

ERC develops authentic assessment tools that can be readily integrated in learning and instruction so as to empower both student and teacher to continuously evaluate and regulate their own knowledge and practice in the direction of meaningful learning. It also assists some countries in the development of their state exit exams.

Prevalent forms of educational assessment are falling short of providing reliable evidence about student learning; evidence that teachers and other concerned educators can use to make informed and viable decisions about instruction, pedagogy and curriculum development. The educational community at large is no longer viewing assessment as an end in itself whereby students are assigned particular scores or grades for sanction or graduation purposes. The community is increasingly recognizing the need to integrate assessment with learning and instruction so as to empower both students and teachers to successfully partake succeed in critical self-evaluation and insightful self-regulation of their respective performance.

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Professional development

ERC assists ministries of education and concerned agencies in interested countries in the institution of programmes, and in conducting regular local workshops, for the continuous professional development of teachers and educational administrators.


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