• IAB is governed by a novel, research-based framework, Profile Shaping Education (PSE), developed under the auspices of ERC.

    PSE promotes a particular 4-P profile (Paradigmatic, Productive, Proactive, Principled) meant to empower students for meaningful learning rather than rote learning of course materials, and for success in modern life rather than for merely passing school or high-stake exams. The profile is reified in cross-disciplinary curricula in the form of learning outcomes that are defined according to a novel taxonomy of learning expectations. The taxonomy focuses on patterns in knowledge structure and habits of mind and practice that are common to accomplished professionals in various fields. Learning outcomes in every field are spelled out accordingly in four dimensions (epistemic, cognitive, behavioral and metacognitive) in the context of a limited number of systems that best reflect those patterns. Students gradually develop various outcomes while systematically engaged in experiential learning cycles that are teacher mediated for efficient and insightful regulation of individual students’ profiles. Authentic assessment “for” learning and not “of” learning is uniformly carried out in various educational fields to guide teacher mediation.